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                      Low temperature incubator

                      907 2017-05-02 Guangdong thaihung scientific instruments

                      Low temperature incubator

                      Oscillation incubator is a constant temperature, biochemical test equipment light, oscillation of three functions in one, is the tertiary institutions, scientific research, environmental protection, health, widely used in cultivation and preservation of microbes, viruses, animals and plants, algae cells and tissues, as well as the research on enzymology and enzyme engineering etc..

                      • Product
                      • Name

                        Low temperature incubator

                        Model LRH-250-DZ
                        volume(L) 200

                        Control range


                        Resolving power


                        ± 1
                        Evenness ± 1.5

                        Speed range, speed: 0~300, rev / min (whirling oscillation mode or rotary oscillation mode)

                        Illuminance(Lx) ≥2000
                        Cryogen R134a
                        Power(W) 360

                        Power Supply

                        220V 50HZ

                        Inner box size(cm)


                        Outer box size(cm)


                        Polyurethane whole foam, mirror stainless steel inner liner

                        Price(yuan) 13800

                        The performance parameters are tested under no load condition: ambient temperature is 20 degrees centigrade, and ambient humidity is 50%RH

                      • Parameter
                      • 1 、 intelligent incubator control circuit, microcomputer PID temperature controller, accurate temperature control, reliable, less fluctuation.

                        2 、 large screen color display screen displays clock, temperature and dynamic icons to direct the running of incubator.

                        3, safe and reliable, double temperature limit (+ 4 DEG C and upper limit 70 DEG C) protection.

                        4, environmental protection, energy saving insulation layer using rigid polyurethane whole perfusion, firm and durable, efficient energy-saving.

                        5 、 self diagnosis, functional failure automatic diagnosis, fault code visual indication.

                        6, reserve RS485 interface, convenient for future computer access or automatic printing record temperature history data or curve.

                        7, clock display and timing function, easy to observe the culture time, can set 0-9999 minutes of the timing time.

                      • Configuration
                      • 1、Overvoltage or undervoltage protection circuit (for remote areas of unstable voltage) 390yuan
                        2、Printer: record year, month, day, hour, minute temperature and humidity data 1200yuan(Integrated heat sensitive)
                        1500yuan(Split type table, needle belt, paper holder)
                        1300yuan(Split type tabletop heat sensitive paper holder)
                        3、Ozone disinfection 600yuan
                        4、USB data acquisition interface 860yuan 
                        5、RS485Computer communication interface 360yuan
                        6、Make up the new wind: can flexibly set up fresh air fresh time 600yuan
                        7、WIFI version temperature alarm function 680yuan
                        8、Mobile phone version alarm function 1180yuan

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