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                      BOD determination device CY-III

                      913 2017-04-27 Guangdong thaihung scientific instruments

                      BOD determination device CY-III

                      CY-III BOD5 tester is a new type instrument for determining biochemical oxygen demand by the air pressure difference method, can provide accurate results with the chemical dilution Fakebi, has intuitive readings, biochemical reaction curve clear and convenient maintenance, is the ideal tool for job analysis. The utility model can be widely used for monitoring water quality in environmental protection monitoring, petrochemical, medical and health care, teaching and scientific research departments, etc..
                      • Product

                      • CY-III BOD5 tester is to put the amplifier in the incubator. The temperature of the incubator is controlled at 20 + 1 DEG C and the water sample is heated at five days. Adequate dissolved oxygen must be guaranteed in culture flasks. In the samples of organic matter through biological oxidation into nitrogen, carbon and sulfur oxides, in this process, by sodium hydroxide from only gas ran out of water (or potassium hydroxide) absorption of carbon dioxide. Therefore, reduce the air pressure in the bottle, the equivalent of the dissolved oxygen content, microbial consumption of this sample, the BOD5 values decreased with the air pressure in the bottle is proportional to the degree of change, the air pressure can be obtained by measuring the BOD5 value. Increasing or decreasing the amount of samples taken can increase or decrease the pressure reduction. In this way, the operator can accurately measure a wide range of BOD5 values without complicated dilution steps. The variation of the air pressure in a cylinder is detected by a semiconductor pressure sensor, and the BOD value is displayed by signal amplification and microprocessor processing.
                      • Parameter

                      • Model CY-III
                        measuring range 0-1000mg/l
                        Accuracy Conforms to the national standard "GB7488-87" (glucose, glutamic acid, standard solution, BOD5, in the range of 180 mg/L to 230 mg/L)
                        Determination sample number 6 or 8 groups
                        Culture temperature 20℃±1℃
                        display LCD displays the BOD5 value and biochemical reaction curve of each sample circularly.
                        Stored data The instrument can keep the BOD5 value and biochemical reaction curve of the last analysis sample
                        Power Supply AC220V±20V 50-60HZ
                        Rated power 50W
                        Price 6 sets of samples: 265008 sets of samples: 28000

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