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                      BOD determination device CY-II

                      859 2017-04-27 Guangdong thaihung scientific instruments

                      BOD determination device CY-II

                      It is widely applicable to monitoring and management of water quality at all levels of environmental protection departments, water resources management departments and public health departments. The BOD values of surface water, domestic sewage and industrial wastewater can be measured.
                      • Product
                      • 1., intuitive: read the BOD value directly, without chemical titration

                        2. continuity: you can always understand the microbial degradation of organic matter in the sample process, draw the BOD change curve.

                        3. accumulation: concentration is too high, excessive period, the two results can be accumulated

                        4. samples, BOD value in the range of 0 to 1000mg/l, without dilution,

                        5. whole system seal, not affected by atmospheric pressure changes, accurate and reliable measurement

                      • Parameter

                      • Model
                        Reading mode
                        Mercury scale
                        measuring range
                        0~25、50、100、200、300、400、600、800、1000(mg/l)A total of nine ranges
                        Determination sample number
                        Culture temperature
                        Testing accuracy
                        BOD5 standard for accuracy of water quality (glucose glutamic acid standard liquid BOD5=180230mg/l) issued by the Ministry of compliance
                        Electric machinery
                        Brushless DC motor
                        Power Supply
                        DC12V   500mA(Adapter Converter)
                        Outer box size(cm)
                        Price (yuan)

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