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                      Automatic digestion reflux instrument XJ-100

                      956 2017-04-27 Guangdong thaihung scientific instruments

                      Automatic digestion reflux instru

                      In the environmental monitoring project, chemical oxygen demand (COD) is the surface water, industrial wastewater, sewage and other water in the field of test items. The reflux method is a more accurate and reliable method to determine the result of determination at home and abroad.
                      • Product

                      • 1, you can set the digestion time, after the completion of digestion, the instrument automatically stop heating, unattended.

                        2, after the sample digestion is finished, the instrument fan continues to work, auxiliary sample cooling.

                        3, replace the cooling water with the double cooling of Feng Shui, save electricity and water, improve the efficiency, and enhance the safety of the instrument.

                      • Parameter

                      • Model
                        Measurement time Not more than 2 hours
                        measuring range 0 ~ 1000 mg/L ,0 ~ 10000 mg/L (Water dilution)
                        measurement error
                        The standard solution of potassium hydrogen phthalate two (500mg/L) is less than 5% of the standard for industrial organic wastewater (500mg/L), and the relative standard is less than 8%
                        ambient temperature 0 ~ 45℃
                        heating power 600W
                        Heating time (165℃)<20min
                        Measuring temperature 165℃National standard 
                        Temperature fluctuation ±1℃  
                        Power Supply AC  220V  50HZ
                        Sample number 6 or 12 choices
                        Price (yuan)

                        6: 6600

                        12: 7200

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