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                      About us

                      Guangdong thaihung scientific instruments are stepping up development of various kinds of temperature and humidity control instrument, to meet customer demand for high-speed growth, and strive to become the most professional of the temperature and humidity control equipment manufacturers。

                      thaihung scientific instruments

                      Guangdong thaihung scientific instruments co., LTD founded in 2007, to undertake the original medical instrument factory in guangdong province's pearl river brand and product technology, scientific instruments in China occupies an important pos

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                      The use of artificial clim

                      1, in the case of light intensity of 0, press the button, the light is on, and then press the button, the lights

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                      Precautions for the use of

                      The incubator is a type of incubator, but only slightly different in temperature. Have you ever used a incubator

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                      The main factors affecting

                      The biochemical incubator has a high temperature control accuracy. Generally, the temperature control error is n

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                      Cooperation case

                      • universities
                      • Experimental
                      • factory
                      • Monitor
                      • Hospital medical