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                      The use of artificial climate boxes

                      2409 1 2017-04-07 Taihong medical

                      1, in the case of light intensity of 0, press the button, the light is on, and then press the button, the lights go out;

                      2, the lights are generally bright, 2 minutes after the automatic extinguished;

                      3, in the running state, press the "lighting" key, after about 3 seconds, set into the state of the system parameters, the time window and then click the next key value; time window, display TC (mean temperature correction), temperature measurement window display temperature correction, the user can according to the actual situation, modified by the the temperature window plus or minus key. Then click the button, then the time window display HC (temperature, humidity correction means) window display measuring humidity correction value, the user can through the temperature window plus or minus key to modify; and then click button, window display SbL (temperature, humidity refers to the proportion limit) window display value, users according to the actual situation. Modified by the temperature window plus or minus key. Press the key again, then exit the system parameter setting state and enter the running state.

                      4 settings / query keys. Press the key climate box to enter the set state, indicating the time window, temperature indicator window, humidity and light indication window numbers start flashing, daytime lights, press the corresponding key parameters can be set during the operation, click the button to set the night operation parameters, and then click the button to return to the operating state set successfully. The key is daytime / night switching key, valid when running. Used to restart work during the day or night. The key is a humidity / light intensity switching key, and the humidity or illumination can be switched by the key in the setting state; in the running state, the current humidity or illumination can be checked according to the key, and the inquiry is invalid at night. Add and subtract keys. In the set state, press this key to add 1 and 1. If press and hold continuously for 2 seconds, then add or decrease continuously. In operation, you can add and subtract the current time, and if the time is reduced to 0, then automatically enter another running state. Press or display the current setting temperature, press or display the current setting humidity.