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                      Regional Sales Manager2016-06-22

                      Location: national position: Sales Department


                      1 、 according to the regional market demand and change, reasonable deployment of resources, straighten out the management process, to ensure the smooth progress of business orders.

                      2 、 implement the company's marketing strategy, establish a complete marketing channel, integrate sales resources, foster and promote the relationship between the company and customers, and constantly improve and optimize marketing channels.

                      3 、 according to the company's annual business plan, formulate and implement the annual, quarterly and monthly plan, to ensure the completion of the company's mission indicators.

                      4 、 according to the market demand, submit new product development, product improvement and suggestions to the company.

                      5 、 Participate in the major commodities exhibition in the region, strive for new customers and open up new markets.

                      6 、 coordinate and communicate with internal company on order, payment, delivery and after-sales service.

                      [post requirements]

                      1 、 under 33 years old, college degree or above, at least 2 years sales experience.

                      2 、 Long term travel abroad. About 3 months, you can't accept long term provincial leave, please send your resume.