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                      Shaoguan Taihong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2007, to undertake the Pearl River brand products and technology in Guangdong Province medical equipment factory. The company has gathered the management backbone of the former factory, the backbone of technological development, the backbone of marketing and the skilled front-line technical workers. It is a new enterprise operating in accordance with the modern enterprise system.

                      Our vision: strive to become a first-class domestic manufacturers of temperature and humidity control instruments

                      Our philosophy: integrity, collaboration, lean, value

                      Our aim: enterprising, tolerant, competitive and innovative

                      Our goal: safety in production, zero accident, quality management, zero error, zero defect in product quality, quality of service, zero complaint

                      Our company: serious quality, standardized management, excellence, unity and cooperation, good at learning, pioneering and innovative, customer first, based on the market

                      Taihong medical -- an annual barbecue

                      Taihong medical -- participate in the first walk Guan Shao City hike