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                      Guangdong thaihung scientific instruments co., LTD founded in 2007, to undertake the original medical instrument factory in guangdong province's pearl river brand and product technology, scientific instruments in China occupies an important position in the market. Through years of exploration of market and technology, the company's development strategy has been developed from a single culture box to the temperature and humidity control instrument. Now the main products are divided into eight series: incubator incubator series, aluminum box series, environmental protection product series, the series of drying oven, refrigerator series, the series of test box series, storage box, box series at low temperature. The product sales and after-sale service points all over the country, the service in the domestic universities, the experiment center, the food and drug factory, the disease control center, the hospital and so on. The company is actively laying out the overseas market and promoting the internationalization of the brand.

                      The company is located in the provincial-level industrial park of shaoguan city, which covers an area of 29 mu and has a production area of over 10,000 square meters. Founded in December, the company passed the iso9001-2000 international quality assurance system certification (number 00707Q11277R0S), laying a solid foundation for the company's scientific management system. Company is stepping up efforts to develop all kinds of temperature and humidity control instrument, in order to meet the needs of customers high-speed growth, strive to become the most professional domestic temperature and humidity control instrument manufacturers.

                      Company to "quality first, diligent innovation, tree brand" as the company culture, into every Thai macro people's work, attaches great importance to the quality and technology in parallel, the pearl river card a temperature and humidity control instrument is the first brand in China. Through ten years of careful operation, the company is forming a high-quality r&d team, which will keep dozens of products to market each year. At the same time, the company also offers a variety of services, such as OEM and custom case performance, to provide more choice for customers.

                      Shaoguan thaihung medical equipment co., LTD. Zhujiang brand, the best choice for your laboratory instruments.